Electronic Bundles & Court Room Presentation

CaseLines simplifies trial preparation, improves litigator productivity and drives cost savings.

CaseLines, from Netmaster Solutions, is the market leading product for the preparation of trial bundles and electronic presentation in the court room. CaseLines reduces the time and effort required to prepare trial bundles, eliminates the direct and indirect costs of paper and allows courtroom presentation of the bundles without the added cost of a courtroom operator. CaseLines also eliminates the need to pay for third party preparation of digital bundle files. CaseLines provides a secure and easy-to-use Azure based service to collaboratively produce, present and review high quality professional trial bundles.

Unique benefits of the CaseLines system include:

  • Judge focused – designed and built with input and support from senior judges in the UK and New Zealand
  • Efficiency gains for all parties through early collaboration and shared documentation – all parties can engage at an early stage, even before the bundle is finalized, and work with the bundle all the way through to the court room
  • Time saved – CaseLines is hosted securely in a Microsoft Azure cloud, enabling all parties to work on the case from any location worldwide, avoiding delays and reducing travel costs
  • Reduced costs of copying and paper management
  • Court room presentation tools that require no courtroom operator
  • Scaleable to handle hundreds of thousands of cases – from 100 page initial applications to 150,000 page (and larger) trial bundles. Independently performance tested with 5,500 concurrent users.
  • Designed to support use by an entire justice system, with tools to allow court staff and users to manage many cases and user groups simultaneously
  • Integration – integration via API to existing prosecution agency case management systems
  • Proven financial and non-financial benefits – litigators reporting 300% productivity improvements by case admin teams, courts reporting reduction in numbers of cracked cases and increase in early guilty pleas going straight to sentencing


CaseLines receives unequivocal support from all parties – judges, prosecutors, court staff, solicitors and counsel. Major users are shown below:


UK Crown Courts


CaseLines provides the Crown Court Digital Case System used in all the Crown Courts of England and Wales, for preparation and presentation of thousands of cases at trial.

UK Supreme Court



CaseLines has been adopted by the UK Supreme Court. The service has been used for a wide variety of cases and is used by the Court both for offline review and in court presentation of evidence and arguments


Civil Litigation


Caselines has been used for over 5 years for civil litigation (commercial contracts, group litigation, employment law) and by social services for child custody and child protection cases


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