Electronic & Paper Court Bundles

All the online facilities you need to produce court-ready bundles

We help Legal Organisations and individuals prepare high quality legal bundles of any size.  With no software to install we reduce the effort and cost required to prepare legal document bundles while increasing the quality of the finished item.  This is especially true at crucial re-work times when late arriving documents are inserted into the bundle.  With CaseLines it's easy!

Bundle Service: Let Us Do The Work

We can do the work of creating the bundle.  Your job is to check the end result using our secure online cloud based CaseLines system and then use the review facilities to complete the bundle.


You send us the bundle papers divided into documents.  We load them into your CaseLines account, prepare the index, and give you instant access to the complete paginated and indexed bundle via the CaseLines secure online system.


Once you have approved the bundle you can:


  1. Navigate, search, redact, de-duplicate and add shared sticky notes.
  2. Invite other parties to securely access and search the bundle directly using CaseLines.
  3. Distribute it to other parties, either as paper or electronically.
  4. Download and print at your office.
  5. Ask us to copy and distribute the final bundle.
  6. Take it into court on an iPad


Less work for you and a high quality bundle at a reasonable cost.

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