Frequently Asked Questions

What size of case is suitable for CaseLines?

CaseLines is designed to work with small cases comprising a few trial documents and very large cases containing up to 10,000 documents and up to 5 million pages. CaseLines meets the challenge of size, small and large.

How soon can I start?

Right now!  CaseLines is available 24/7. Go to and choose the ‘create new case’ option. You can load up to three trial documents and create an automatic document bundle. Call us for help on 0203 301 3762

Is it secure? Where are my case documents stored?

CaseLines uses 1024 bit encryption technology to ensure that all transmissions over the internet are secure.  Access to case documents is tightly controlled by the case owner, who grants (and removes) access by individual case.  Documents are triple backed up and securely stored on our professionally managed servers.

How much does it cost?

CaseLines is charged per page, allowing organisations to attach costs directly to individual cases. There is a charge for storing documents in the CaseLines cloud and an additional charge for the use of the Scan & Title service. Full pricing details are available here. For details please call on 0203 301 3762 or email