Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add cross references (hyperlinks) to an eBundle?

Task: You want to add cross references to an eBundle.  For example, you want to cross reference a statement to the supporting evidence or authorities.  You want to start this exercise before all the documents are identified.


  1. Access the CaseLines website with your user name and password.
  2. Click on ‘Case List’ (near the top left of the window).
  3. Find the right case and click on ‘Go To Case’.
  4. Click on 'Index'.
  5. Find the document in which you will place the cross reference.  Click on 'View'.
  6. Choose the document page in which you will place the cross reference (you can use the drop down of page numbers).
  7. Click on 'Hyperlink' (just above the displayed page).
  8. Click in the right hand margin of the page adjacent to the cross reference in the text.
  9. Click 'OK' to the question "Add a hyperlink to this page?".
  10. Choose "Document Page".
  11. Fill in a short description (max 10 characters) (for example "Ref One" or "---").
  12. Choose the Section, Document and Page Number for the target document (the page number is the internal page number for the target document).
  13. Click Save.
  14. On the next pagination of the eBundle the target pagination numbers is automatically updated for each hyperlink.  Click on 'Bundle' to download the complete paginated bundle.