Frequently Asked Questions

How do I invite a Professional to Join a Case?

Task: You want another person to have access to the documents in your case. 

Note: You can organise access for other people to the information in your case.  There are different types of access including ‘read-only’, ‘forum-access’ and ‘add-documents’.  The people to whom you give access can be a member of your organisation or from another group of people.  


  1. Access the CaseLines website with your user name and password.
  2. Click on ‘Case List’ (near the top left of the window).
  3. Find the right case and click on ‘Go To Case’.
  4. Click on ‘People’ (In the list of options at the top of the white area on the right hand side).
  5. Click on ‘Invite New Participant’.
  6. In the ‘Person’s Name’ field type in the name of the person (e.g. John Smith)
  7. In the ‘Person’s Email’ field type in the person’s email address
  8. Carefully choose the access you want to give to this person by ticking or un-ticking the choices on this page.  Hover your mouse over the green question marks to see a description of each item.
  9. Click on ‘Invite’
  10. CaseLines will now send an automatic email to the person you have invited.  In that email the person will be invited to click on a link to join your case.  If the person has not used CaseLines before, he or she will need to register with the CaseLines website first.  Following this, the person will have access to the case, according to the permissions you have chosen.