Frequently Asked Questions

How do I eDisclose a set of case documents to another party?

Task: You want to eDisclose a set of documents to one or more parties. 

Note: CaseLines is designed to support small and large scale eDisclosures of legal documents as required by Part 31 of the Civil Procedure Rules of England and Wales.  Documents can be loaded into a CaseLines case followed by an invitation to the other party to view and search the loaded documents.  As new documents are added to the bundle, parties are automatically informed by email with a link that leads directly, and securely, to the new documents.  All parties can obtain a printed version of the complete bundle directly from the CaseLines website, removing the need to organise, paginate and send out printed bundles. 


  1. Create a new case on the CaseLines website.
  2. Load the case documents into the new case.
  3. Invite a professional from the other party to join the case.
  4. Perform word searches across the bundle.
  5. Create a legal bundle from the case.
  6. Continue to load documents into the case.