CaseLines Briefing

High Quality Legal Bundles

Predictable Costs

Known Timescales

We understand that Solicitors & Law Firm Partners need high quality document bundles, produced at a predictable cost and to known timescales with full chronological indexing (including last minute arrivals).

We understand that internal resource can struggle to deliver high quality bundles to agreed schedules.  Page stamping errors, index titling, ordering and multiple photocopying introduce problems, cost and delay.  As the Lever Arch Files multiply so do the problems.

Partner with CaseLines

CaseLines delivers high quality bundles with predictable costs and timescales.  Load the documents into the CaseLines cloud system in-house or send the electronic and paper files to our Bundle Service Team.


Realise the added benefits of Bundle Management in the CaseLines Cloud:

  • Secure online access to the bundle from any location
  • No software required, no upfront costs
  • Authorised client & party access to the bundle in the cloud
  • Team access to the bundle during preparation
  • Fully searchable bundle (including OCR versions of all documents)
  • One-click electronic disclosure giving controlled cloud access to the other party
  • PDF bundle available for download and print
  • iPad compatible - store the bundle on your iPad for hyperlinked offline access.