Conversation with a Solicitor

Paul Sachs writes:

In a recent conversation with a solicitor I asked how useful
CaseLines is to him. He is using CaseLines on a daily basis and places about 5 new cases per week on the online system, with an average bundle size of 200 pages, occasionally going up to 800 pages.

“It is extremely useful” he said.  “Interestingly, since using CaseLines many of my cases are going short, which I believe is due in part to the fact that the bundles produced by CaseLines are well presented”.


I asked him how much time he was saving when he used CaseLines to prepare his bundles. He said “At the initial stage I am saving about 2 hours of my time per case because I do not have to do any photocopying and CaseLines provides automatic indexing and page numbering.  As the case proceeds I save more time.  For example, if a case is going to trial I can save four or five hours preparing the Crown Court bundle and a good day preparing the jury bundle. Because the bundles that CaseLines produces are of a high quality there is very little rework required, which also saves a lot of time.”


He was keen to make a point on behalf of his clients:  “There is a considerable saving by the client.  Instead of photocopying and sending paper copies over to me, my clients send their scanned documents and I directly load them into the CaseLines bundle.  Much more effective and saves time and paper for my clients.”

I asked him how Counsel has reacted to receiving their bundles in this electronic format.  “They are happy because they can ask me to update the bundle and I have a new version with them within an hour”.


Needless to say he finished by saying “Keep up the good work; you have one very satisfied solicitor”.


Paul Sachs is a Director at Netmaster Solutions Ltd and is responsible for the future direction of the CaseLines

online system for Legal Document Management.
June 2012

Conversation with a solicitor
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