eBundles for the Case Management Conference (CMC)


  • CaseLines provides a free eBundle solution for the CMC that eases the task of presenting documents for a CMC even when facing tight deadlines. 
  • Claimants and Defendants can easily upload, manage and revise documents and share them with other parties via a secure platform.
  • Documents can be shared with Judges at any time, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

How does it work?

Step One: Send your CMC documents to our eBundle team electronically or by post and we will create your CMC bundle within 2 hours. The secure, private eBundle is then available for you and the other party to review.


Step Two: Directly load and update CMC documents using the secure browser tools from CaseLines. Update and add comments to the CMC eBundle. There are simple tools to index, review, cut and paste text, comment and reload revised budgets. 


Step Three: Choose to provide the Judge with his/her own access or email the Bundle across at an agreed time. Even after the Judge has received the eBundle, you’ll still be able to make revisions and highlight them.

Documents can be loaded at any time into the eBundle including on the day of the CMC.  The complete CMC eBundle can be downloaded as a fully indexed, paginated and bookmarked PDF for offline review on personal devices such as iPads.


  • Secure online access to the bundle from any location
  • Saves time and reduces cost associated with creating the perfect bundle
  • Automatic repagination as documents are added or removed
  • Bundle access to authorised parties
  • Fully searchable bundle
  • Document Tagging & Comments
  • Detects duplications within the bundle
  • Redaction facilities with dual bundle creation
  • eBundle can be downloaded as a fully indexed, paginated and bookmarked PDF for offline review
  • iPad compatible - store the bundle on your iPad for hyperlinked offline access
  • Support help available

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for a for a CMC eBundle.  This covers an eBundle up to 250 pages.


We provide this free service as an introduction to our full trial bundle preparation facilities.  Our clients save up to 70% of their paralegal costs and reduce their bundle preparation timescales fourfold when they use CaseLines.


CaseLines is a leading provider of electronic and paper bundles, with clients based globally. It complies with the standards required by UK and US courts for filing of electronic bundles.

When presented with a bundle prepared online by CaseLines, HH Judge Behrens in The High Court of Justice, Leeds, said: “I am surprised to find that I have no reason to complain at all about the bundle. I am impressed”. 

How do I start?

Register at the CaseLines website: www.caselines.co.uk & click Register.  Then send us an email requesting a CMC eBundle at cmcebundle@caselines.co.uk. We will create your CMC eBundle within 2 working hours and send you the CMC eBundle instruction guide.