How can CaseLines help me with key word searches across all my case documents (including scanned documents)?

Task: You want to search case documents for key words and phrases.  You want to search documents that have been scanned from paper as well as 'electronic' documents.  You want to provide the same search facilities to other people and you want to do ’inexact’ searches. 

Note: CaseLines is designed to support searching across the documents in a case including documents scanned from paper.  All loaded documents are searched for words and key phrases using ‘Google style’ searching.  Inexact searches are supported based on sophisticated ‘sounds like’ capabilities.  For example, a search for “Smith” will also return results for “Smythe” and a search for “Reading” will also return results for “Redding”.  Clicking on a search result takes you directly to that document and the search words are highlighted for easy identification.


  1. Create a new case on the CaseLines website.
  2. Load the case documents into the new case.
  3. Invite a professional from the other party to join the case.
  4. Perform word searches across the bundle.
  5. Continue to load documents into the case.