What our customers say about us

Here is what people are saying about CaseLines. If you would like a personal reference from one of these customers please contact us.

This law firm used CaseLines to prepare and review a 14,000 page bundle (50 lever arch folders).  CaseLines was then used in a court room at the Royal Courts of Justice to access the bundle electronically:


"Very logical and user friendly system."


"It does exactly what it says."


"The end product was excellent. Counsel found it invaluable, the Court was impressed and there were no anomalies as regards locating documents during trial."


"CaseLines helped us produce a perfect bundle!"


"The Judge himself commended it!"


"Easy to navigate and search."


"Procedure for adding new documents, etc, was very quick and easy."


"Counsel found it very helpful during preparation."


"Simple 'invite' process."


"It was excellent to be able to give the other side read only access. Easy to control their access rights."


"The Court did not require an electronic copy for use at trial. But we used it electronically and found it very efficient."


"Due to small court room size we used it during trial and found documents much faster than those using the hard copy."


"After purchasing a 4g dongle, we were able to get to pages quicker than those using paper bundles."


"We will be recommending and using CaseLines again in the future - definitely!"


"It made our lives a lot easier!"

Junior Counsel had this to say when presented with a bundle with more than 10,000 pages:


"CaseLines gave our side an indisputable advantage over the other side as a means of knowing the bundle better, getting to documents quicker and being able to prepare the factual aspects of the case (essential in any case). I was very pleased that we had access to it and the other side did not.  Being able to access it in court was incredibly helpful, and gave us a massive advantage in identifying documents for re-examination.


"The ability to run a word search on the whole bundle is an incredibly valuable tool for the purposes of preparing both cross examination and the case generally. It saves time, and basically enables you to be confident you have seen all conceivably relevant documents on a topic without having to trawl each and every bundle to do so.


"I would recommend it to solicitors for even smaller cases (e.g. ten trial bundles in total) because it enables me to feel more confident in having done the best job possible in having unearthed all the helpful / unhelpful documents in a case."

CaseLines is used for high volumes of small evidence bundles starting at 200 pages.  One solicitor had this to say about his experience:


“At the initial stage I am saving about 2 hours of my time per case because I do not have to do any photocopying and CaseLines provides automatic indexing and page numbering.  As the case proceeds I save more time.  For example, if a case is going to trial I can save four or five hours preparing the Crown Court bundle and a good day preparing the jury bundle. Because the bundles that CaseLines produces are of a high quality there is very little rework required, which also saves a lot of time.


“There is a considerable saving by the client.  Instead of photocopying and sending paper copies over to me, my clients send their scanned documents and I directly load them into the CaseLines bundle.  Much more effective and saves time and paper for my clients.


“Counsel are happy because they can ask me to update the bundle and I have a new version with them within an hour”.