Self-Service Basis

CaseLines pricing is based on the number of pages in the bundle.  Access is unlimited for a period of two years from the inception of the bundle.


Self-service use of CaseLines: 25p per page. Please note that there is a minimum charge of £200 plus VAT, which includes the first 500 pages and up to 30 minutes telephone training and support. Alternatively please contact us to discuss account terms.
Placeholder documents: Uploading placeholder documents into CaseLines (where a file is represented in the eBundle as a single page e.g. a spreadsheet, audio or video file): £1.60 per Mb, minimum cost 24p.
  Prices in UK Pounds and exclude VAT where applicable.


Note that the fee is reduced to 20p per page for cases granted leave to appeal at the UK Supreme Court or the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.  For more information click here:


Electronic Bundle Guidelines at the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom


Electronic Bundle Guidelines at the the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council


The CaseLines team provides services to help you with your bundle.  These include:



Scanning: 20p per page (Paper documents should be in a reasonable state and mostly A4. Specific pricing is available for alternative types of paper including books, A0 to A3 and low grade paper documents). Minimum 5000 pages.
Loading Electronic Documents: 10p per page (Electronic documents include PDFs, Office documents (Word, Excel etc.), emails, images and other specialised types of document. The price is subject to review based on the type of electronic document). Minimum 5000 pages.
Printing Court-Ready Bundles: 20p per printed page plus 45p per tab.
Other Services: Available on request.
  Prices in UK Pounds and exclude VAT where applicable.

Terms and Conditions





Terms & Conditions

Customer terms and conditions cover commercial arrangements between Caselines and our customers, who can create cases on Caselines.
User Terms & Conditions All users, whether case creators or not, are governed by the user terms and conditions.
Caselines and the Data Protection Act For customers and users, Caselines improves compliance with the Data Protection Act 1988.