How do I easily turn scanned PDFs into a professional court-ready bundle?

Legal documents arrive in many shapes and sizes.  At one end of the scale there are scruffy dog-eared and stapled piles of paper and at the other end is a memory stick full of original electronic documents.

In between these two is the 'Scanned PDF'.  Prepared with the best of intentions, the provider is convinced that they have done you a good turn.  "We have taken all the documents you need and scanned them through our photocopier - here they are" announces your client or the other side.

The problem is this: what they have actually done is to take the first 200 pages and scanned them into one PDF, and then repeated this for the next 10,000 pages.  Individual letters, emails, contracts and attachments are buried in monolithic scanned PDFs.

The solution is to use a secure online tool that can help you separate large PDFs and title the individual documents.

CaseLines has all the facilities you need to produce a professional court-ready bundle.  This includes the ability to split large PDFs into individual documents and then title them individually to form a chronological index.  The individual documents are placed in date order in the bundle and numbered against the index.

And for a final touch, CaseLines allows you to turn PDF pages the right-way-up and remove blank or irrelevant pages from loaded PDFs.

Using CaseLines you can turn each scanned PDF into a useful set of documents for your court bundle.  

All the online facilities you need to produce court-ready bundles.