"I refer to the third paragraph on page 4,278 in bundle D" – how fast can you find it?

You have 25 lever arch files in front of you.  Bundle D is the chronological bundle and is contained in 15 of those lever arch files.  You know that there are 5,200 pages in bundle D so you hazard a guess that this page is in lever arch file D12.  Oh dear, it's in D13.  Opening the file, you leaf through to the page and study para 3.

The other side are better organised.  They have secure electronic access to their bundle.  On his iPad, Counsel types "D4278" and hits the "Show" button.  Now he is looking at the page complete with notes he has previously made on that page.  He is starting to compose his argument while the other side are still working out which lever arch file to pick up!

CaseLines provides fast online and offline access to the court bundle.  All CaseLines PDFs are fully bookmarked, hyperlinked and searchable.  Counsel has online access to the bundle before the trial and downloads the bundles onto their iPad for offline access during the trial (or on the train on the way to court).

Paralegals and reporters with granted access can also use the full search facilities across all text in the case and quickly refer to notes as they work into the night preparing for the next day and reporting on the current day.

What do you need to do all this?   An internet connection and permission to access CaseLines.  No software and no fuss.  All the online facilities you need to deliver court-ready bundles.