What is a typical timeline for preparing a court-ready bundle using online facilities?

The fastest set of case bundles produced by the CaseLines team took one week, producing six bundles across ten lever arch files (3,000 pages).  The documents were supplied mainly as scanned PDF files with some paper that required scanning.  80% of the index titles had been completed  and were available alongside the scanned PDFs.  The final bundle PDFs, indexed, date ordered and page-stamped, were available to print after 5 working days.


That was fast.  A more typical timescale is one day to produce a single lever arch file bundle.  Starting with paper, the scanning takes place in the morning to produce a set of individual PDF files, one per document.  Then at lunchtime they are loaded into CaseLines and the initial bundle PDFs are produced.  During the afternoon each document is given a title with the client looking online at progress.  By tea-time the final bundle PDF is ready for review and print into lever arch files if required.


On a bigger scale, a twenty lever arch file case can take up to three weeks to

  • Scan all the paper
  • Title each document
  • Review for privilege
  • Check for duplication
  • Print for all parties involved.


And finally, the files available from an e-Disclosure exercise are often available straight from the database with accompanying 'load files'.  These can be loaded directly into CaseLines, producing massive searchable online electronic bundles within a few hours, available for secure electronic access by all invited parties.


All the online facilities you need to produce court-ready bundles.